Smart Classes

JMK International School,Pathankot

JMK International School is proud to become the First Educomp Smart School in the District. A first of its kind in the world, it helps the school in enhancing the quality of learning and increasing learning outcomes while providing never before features, allowing the school to integrate, nourish, create and enhance a 360-degree relationship with all stakeholders while keeping the student at the center of the learning experience. With Educomp Smart School, we look at the school as an integrated learning ecosystem, where students can see education come alive through our best-in-class 3D animations, with smartass recommended lesson plans & cloud-based real-time updates.

They can create and do experiments through virtual experiments and master language through English Mentor, Which uses never-seen-before technology for voice recognition. Our 3D content immerses students into a new world of multi-sensory learning and the assessment system, Educomp insight, allows schools and parents to track where students are, in their cognitive development. Through Educomp online, Schools can link students, teachers, and parents into a seamless information exchange, messaging, CCE assessments, peer to peer learning and more THE MARK OF A PREMIER SCHOOL THAT CARES FOR ITS STUDENTS IS EDUCOMP SMART SCHOOL. FROM THE COMPANY THAT PIONEERED SMARTCLASS, NOW COMES EDUCOMP SMART SCHOOL, THAT BRINGS OUR BEST THINKING AND INNOVATION INTO EDUCATION