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JMK International School-ABOUT US

Sh Rai Bahadur Jodhamal Kuthiala of Kuthiala House, Hoshiarpur, comes from an old respectable family of Kuthiala Suds, a leading business community of Punjab, A great philanthropist,he donated large sums to the cause of educational institutes,hospitals, and public welfare.

The government in acknowledgment of his service to the public bestowed on him the title of RAI SAHIB in 1935and RAI BAHADUR in 1937 Dr. Rajinder Parsad, the first President of India, said to him " Rai Saheb not only knows how to earn money but he also knows how to spend it"

Sh. Ravinder Lal Kuthiala(Chairman, JMK International School) Education is a process, a process that requires time, effort, persistence and most of all patients,With a certain goal in mind we have adopted a common sense approach to teaching, keeping in mind the fact that the individuality of the child needs to be nurtured,and not to suppress his/her natural creative instincts Your Child is your most precious possession and when you take away the "Y" from your, they become "OUR", our most precious possession. They are as precious to us, if not more than they are to you We are here to educate our future generations and educate them well. Our worth and name will be derived from what we make of the children placed in our cave

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